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CDD's Brad Butler Covers Reef/Sweetwater Event

Brad took photos at today's Reef/Sweetwater Pro-Am Finals. Here's the album:

World Autism Awareness Weekend

CoolDudesDiving's Brad Butler was out taking photos at the Blockade Runner beach resort early Thursday morning. Surfers Healing is hosting an event at Wrightsville Beach today thru Sunday celebrating World Autism Awareness Weekend. The Blockade Runner will host families affected by autism, while Hook Line & Paddle and Indo-Jax surf school hold water-safety lessons and other activities. Land Rover Cape Fear and Two Guys Grille will provide refreshments. WECT and WSFX covered the lead-up to the event this morning.

The photo album can be viewed here.


So You Want to Learn to Dive?

What is it about the ocean that draws us in? The draw is irresistible. Some of us like to walk on the beach. Some fish, some surf, others dive. Many of us do all of these things to get closer to nature.

When I ask an Open Water class why they want to learn to dive, the most common response is, "learning to SCUBA dive is on my bucket list." Some others do it for the challenge, or even for work. Many divers are tinkerers or technophiles and simply like the technical aspect of the sport. No matter your reason for wanting to dive, you're hooked.

So you want to learn to dive... Here's what you need to know.


Let's Talk Science- Irukandji

As a marine biologist, I have always had a special place in my heart for organisms known as Cnidarians- better known as jellyfish.  The phylum Cnidaria also includes corals, anemones, and hydroids (like the Portugese Man-of War, which isn’t a true jellyfish).  The innate beauty of these animals, as well as their incredible evolutionary history, has caused me to foster a deep respect for them.  There are many different kinds of jelly out there, but one kind seems to stand alone- Irukandji.


Dudettes Needed (and Dudes)

Attention female divers!

Somebody brought it to my attention that three male authors calling themselves "Dudes" (a gender-specific term in some circles) might send the wrong message, that people might interpret our site as a "men only" kind of gig. That couldn't be further from the truth. It just happened to be a group of three guys who sat down and banged this thing out over some beers.

We seek female divers who want to write and/or take photos about diving. If you are interested, e-mail JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING and continue reading. Guys, I suppose you're welcome as well.